How to cut your bangs without regret

How to cut your bangs without regret

Want to learn how to reduce your bangs? In this step-by-step guide, we can teach you how to get professional-looking sweeping bangs.

We are here to provide you with a little secret: you can cut off the small bangs yourself at home to make them look as good as when you go to the salon. Crazy, why do you spend a little money when you can get a beautiful side sweep bangs in your comfortable bathroom? This amazing step-by-step guide from Rose Bud will show you how to reduce your bangs!

step 1. Set your hair

How to cut your bangs without regret

First comb the hair on the crown. After this is done, push the rest of the hair back, then tie it into a ponytail. After solving the problem, comb the part designated as bangs on your face.

Tip: Before cutting your hair, use a straightened iron or blow dry method to straighten your hair, so that you can know your hair length and accurately know where bangs fall.

Step 2. Determine the length of the bangs

Use the long tail comb to determine the starting and ending points of bangs. Hold the comb vertically and find the eyebrow arch-this is where bangs start. Do the same on the other side to determine where they should end.

Tip: Use the tip of a long tail comb to straighten the hair from the hairline. Do the same for the other side of the bangs and the top of the bangs.

Step 3. Work on straight hair

After cutting off the beginning and end of the bangs, separate the top. In fact, you are looking to create a rectangular shape. Make sure that the wedge at Liu Hai is only 1-2 inches. You can make bangs racks according to your style, but the ideal size is up to 1 to 2 inches.

Step 4. Tie your back hair into a ponytail

If the sides and tops of the bangs are already flush, tie any stray hair into a ponytail. This prevents hair from falling. Comb the bangs again.

Step 5. You can start circumcision now

Now you can start cutting! Hold the bangs and bend it, then hold it to hold it in place. This twist cutting technique is suitable for the right hand, the left hand can fix the hair in place, and the right hand can cut the hair.

Make sure that the entire part of the hair is not tilted to avoid any catastrophic situation. Instead, we only want to cut small sections at once, not the entire section.

After twisting your hair, comb the bangs and distribute it evenly in your hands. You will have to tilt down an angle from the right.

Step 7. Cut hair by part

Time to cut! Use professional barber scissors and hold it at the angle shown below. Cut your hair slowly and make sure to open and close the scissors during each cut. One size fits all is a taboo. Small incisions are always better. Especially for those who are learning how to cut the side bangs for the first time. Cutting your own hair can be cumbersome, so it is best to cut a few hairs at a time (if possible).

Step 8.

After trimming the edges, comb the bangs again, but this time divide them evenly into two parts. Use scissors to point to the left side of bangs. Cut up little by little, this is for the edge and body of bangs. After cutting the first part, proceed to the other part. Please be patient when cutting either side, it’s worth it.

This is how you now sweep bangs. It should not look too fresh, and the cut should be avant-garde.

Step 9. Straighten the bangs

After cutting, the next step is to style the hair. A good way to decorate the side sweep bangs is to use a hair straightener. Bend bangs by straightening the iron. You don’t want to look like a super straight bang just cut off.

Step 10. End it with hairspray

For the finishing touch, use your most trusted hairspray brand and spray the bangs in place.

You’re done! Isn’t it exciting to cut your bangs? However, before making the scissors happy and try again, please refer to this guide to avoid any mistakes, tears and bad photos.

before and after

DIY designer, you go! Sweep the bangs sideways, you can wear it proudly and declare yourself to cut yourself. Now you know how to get salon bangs without drastically cutting your salary!

Whether you want to bring bangs, make yourself look young or hide your forehead too wide, you can learn how to cut your bangs at home. With this step-by-step tutorial, you can eliminate trouble in your own way at your own stage. DIY side sweep bangs, comparable to the work of professionals, adding luster to the expensive hair salon!

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