Nawaz Sharif speech in APC in 20th September 2020 and opposition parties

Nawaz Sharif speech in APC The main opposition parties in Pakistan gathered together to develop an anti-government strategy. The conference was held today by the PPP in a five-star hotel in the federal capital and hosted by the PPP.

When former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif delivered a speech in the video conference, he thanked the former President and PPP Co-Chair Asif Ali Zardari for his best wishes and expressed his hope ” Our efforts will surely yield results.”

“I am very grateful to all opposition leaders for providing me with the opportunity to interact with people in my country. Although I live abroad, I am very aware of the situation and the difficulties that my country is going through.

Nawaz said: “I think this meeting is a turning point for the country, where we can bravely make important decisions for the country.” He added that this is an opportunity to make important decisions because those who hope Their people will be disappointed.

“I speak based on the experience of serving the country; the soul of democracy is that the people are allowed to put forward their opinions. According to the law, our democratic system depends on the opinions and opinions of the people.
opposition parties in Pakistan gathered together
“Laboratory” for experiments in Pakistan
“Democracies all over the world follow the same principle. If the public vote is not respected, and the verdict is made even before the election, then we can guess how the people of this country are deceived and avoided.

“Unfortunately, Pakistan has always been a laboratory for such experiments. It did not even consider that Pakistan’s democratic structure was demolished due to this strategy, and the public lost confidence in the system.

PML-N supremacy emphasizes: “In the 73-year history of Pakistan, everyone knows that no democratic leader can serve in the country, and the dictator rules the country and completes his term.”

“Anyone who obeys the law is sentenced to jail. When talking about the former military ruler Musharraf, Nawaz said: “In Pakistan, dictators always let go and take no responsibility for what they do. This is nothing. New things. ”

The founder of PML-N also stated that the “root cause” of the Pakistan problem is a “state above” situation in the country. He reiterated the opposition’s claim that the elections were unfair, saying that if these elections were not held, the PTI regime “will not be the first.”

“Holding an election is unconstitutional and a robbery of the rights of the people. This is a serious crime. I want to ask a question today. Why was the RTS (result transmission system) shut down for a few hours during the election?

“The former chief election commissioner and secretary will have to answer all these questions.”

When commenting on foreign policy, the former prime minister insisted that the country’s “good reputation in the international community was destroyed by current policies and an incompetent regime”.

Nawaz said: “It is precisely because of this pseudo-government that India has annexed Kashmir. Why is the world not prepared to listen to us today?

“Everyone must take responsibility”
He asked: “Why are we alone?” He added that the speech of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi disappointed Saudi Arabia. “We must strengthen the Organization of the Islamic Conference,” Nawaz Sharif asserted when referring to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The PML-N leaders also attacked the PTI government’s claims about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), saying that the multi-billion dollar project supported by China is considered the BRT Peshawar.

The former prime minister insisted that the role of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) must be scrutinized. He said Justice Javed Iqbal, the owner of the watchdog, had been abused but did not take any action.

“Soon, one day, everyone will take responsibility.”

PLM-N’s supreme claim: “Imran Khan has personally participated in the rise in sugar prices in the country. National Bank will arrest him,” Nawaz asked.

At the end of his speech, the former prime minister thanked PPP again and reminded the leaders that it is time for unity.

“We must decide that we are one. If APC succeeds in doing this, then this meeting is a success.”

Prime Minister Imran allowed Nawaz to speak
Shortly after the start of APC, a source informed Earth News that Prime Minister Imran Khan allowed television stations across Pakistan to broadcast Nawaz’s speech.

The source quoted the prime minister as saying: “Nawaz Sharif will present himself to people through a speech.”

The source said, “Nawaz Sharif will lie, so let him lie.” “The people should be allowed to decide for themselves.”

The source further revealed that the prime minister’s advisers and assistants told him that some decisions had been made to prohibit the “defendant” from making statements and that the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should be required to implement such a court decision.

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